We maintain links with the main unions of the activity (base oils, hierarchical, UOCRA truckers, SUPeH) within the basins of the San Jorge Gilf, Cuyo and Neuquén.


Our knowledge of the current regulations as well as our extensive network of contacts within the control bodies, and our experience in the area, allows us to define and design strategies based on conflict avoidance, dynamization and enhancement of labor relations policies.
We provide value in:

Geographic Mobility Processes
• Design and implementation of geographic mobility policies.
• Management and negotiation of transfers and displacements of workers.

Organizational Design
• Design of Professional Classification Systems.
• Management of business reorganization processes.

Termination of the Employment Relationship
• Restructuring and Business Reorganization Processes.
• Employment Regulation Procedures

Employment Policy
• Template Sizing Procedures and hiring policies.
• Preparation and negotiation of Senior Management Contracts.

Collective Bargaining
• Analysis and drafting of Collective Agreements, Framework Agreements and Company Collective Agreements.
• Advice and participation in Collective Bargaining.
• Management of Trade Union Relations.
• Management and participation in Technical Commissions.

Organization of Working Time
• Redesign and negotiation of work / shift schemes aligned to the new reality of the industry.
• Advice and support to those companies that wish to incorporate the Home Office modality.

Our way of providing personalized and proactive service facilitates the work of our clients. This will allow you to have covered effectively and without intermediaries any aspect related to the ambiro of labor relations.
We want partners/owners/managers to focus on making the best decisions. For all the rest, there's us.